Wi-Fi & Internet Access

BAZESPOT - BAZE University Wi-Fi/Wireless internet

The internet at BAZE University is next to none, free wireless/wired internet of up to 10Mb/s download speed is enjoyed by all staff and students of the university via "BAZESPOT" hotspot around campus. The internet service works 24/7. In the case of interruptions email notifications are sent prior to the interruption and are usually resolved in less than 3 hours. In the case of light outs, there is a standby inverter that power the internet facility for 7 hours minimum.

How to Access Baze University Internet

To connect to BAZE University internet ensure that your computer is connected to the wired or wireless network within the campus.

*If you have forgotten or do not have your BAZE University login credentials, kindly use your BAZE University Email and request for them from servicedesk@bazeuniversity.edu.ng or come to Room A24 and get one from any of our able officers.